Growing up in suburban Detroit, Jerry spent much of his youth outdoors year-round playing a variety of sports in Michigan’s lush woods and lakes. 

These included: water skiing, snow skiing (slalom racing), motorbike dirt and street biking, basketball, baseball, football, golf and tennis.

Jerry is also an advanced Scuba Diver having logged more than 170 dives around the world. He has also trained in martial arts.

Jerry has played many different characters and roles over his career. Many of these have required him to do his own stunts. Ever the games-man, Jerry loves putting his athletic and martial arts background to use.

He is also adept behind the wheel as a driver, as well.

On and off the screen, Jerry handles many weapons with ease and grace, including automatic weapons, assorted rifles, shotguns, handguns, knives.

He is also trained in stage combat and hand-to-hand combat, including choreography.

                                                                     Stay tuned for his demo reel...