​​​​​​​​​​​Jerry is an accomplished and professional drummer and singer who has played with music greats like Robbie Krieger (The Doors), Patrick Moraz (Yes), Vinnie Appice (Beck, Bogart and Appice), and Tito & Johnny Jackson (The Jackson Five Tour). Growing up in the seventies, Jerry was infatuated with the hard and progressive rock bands of the day such as: YES, GENESIS, ELP, GENTLE GIANT, PINK FLOYD, and HAPPY THE MAN His favorite straight rock bans included: LED ZEPPELIN,  THE DOORS, JIMI HENDRIX, ALICE COOPER, AEROSMITH, etc. While in high school in Los Angeles, Jerry’s father generously sacrificed the family garage so that Jerry could turn it into a rehearsal space. Having just moved from the Detroit suburbs, with no friends, and having had no previous experience playing in a band, Jerry quickly set about recruiting band mates from Taft High School in the Valley. This was the start of what would be a life-long romance with music.  Jerry even played in a BLACK SABBATH cover band for three months while in college.

Jerry began building his chops by playing after school each day, either with friends, or playing alone with headphones to his favorite prog rock bands. But, it wasn't until he turned eighteen that Jerry would get his first taste of gigging professionally, when he was scooped up by the 50's band BIG DADDY DIPSTICK AND THE LUBE JOBS. He was recruited by the leader of the band who heard him playing EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER music on drums next door with his high school keyboardist friend. Jerry was immediately asked to join the band. And, although he was clearly the youngest member of the group, Jerry handily filled out the six man band nicely. His first professional gig with the group was at the Playboy Club in Century City. Because the drinking age was twenty-one at the time, Jerry was quietly smuggled in to play.

​​Jerry later joined a three-piece mellow rock band, SPECIAL BLEND, which toured the Northwest and Canada playing songs by the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and The Little River Band, respectively.  Even though Jerry had previously sang in the reputable Pierce College Jazz Choir, which had performed at the Hollywood Bowl, it was here on the road, where Jerry began to hone his vocal skills by singing back-up harmonies and shared lead vocals as the band's drummer. Who knew that he would return, decades later to Canada, not only as a working actor, but as a Landed Immigrant, too. Jerry is proud to now be a Canadian Citizen, too.

Music stirs very deep in Jerry’s soul.  He keeps his chops up, by continuing to play drums and singing with varying local bands, as well as other musical artists he’s met during his world travels. Jerry is honored to have played with countless rock, blues, jazz bands, a live karaoke band in Bali, a twenty-something ska band in Thailand, and, his favorite most prestigious gig ever, was playing blues with Richard Gere on guitar, and Julia Roberts on vocals, at the wrap party for PRETTY WOMAN.



Jerry sits in on drums with Detroit band "A Bullet For Joey", playing the The Doors' ROADHOUSE BLUES  and Van Halens' JUMP.