Jerry sits in on drums with Detroit band "A Bullet For Joey", playing the The Doors' ROADHOUSE BLUES  and Van Halens' JUMP.



​​​​​​​​​​​​Jerry is an accomplished and professional drummer and singer who has played with music greats like Robbie Krieger (The Doors), Patrick Moraz (Yes), Vinnie Appice (Beck, Bogart and Appice), and Tito & Johnny Jackson (The Jackson Five Tour). Growing up in the seventies, Jerry was infatuated with the hard and progressive rock bands of the day such as: YES, GENESIS, ELP, GENTLE GIANT and PINK FLOYD.  His favorite straight rock bans included: LED ZEPPELIN,  THE DOORS, JIMI HENDRIX, ALICE COOPER, AEROSMITH, and others.

Having moved to Los Angeles from the Detroit suburbs, and never having played in a band before, Jerry set out to form his own by recruiting musicians from his new high school. This would prove to be the birth of a life-long love affair with music. Jerry began building his chops by playing after school every day with band mates, or by practicing alone, with headphones, to his favorite prog rock bands.

But, it wasn't until he turned eighteen that Jerry would get his first professional gig with the successful 50's band BIG DADDY DIPSTICK AND THE LUBE JOBS. He was recruited by the leader of the band who heard him playing drums next door at a friends' house. His first  job with the band was at the Los Angeles Playboy Club. Because Jerry was under age, he had to be smuggled in to play.

​​Jerry later joined a three-piece middle-of-the-road rock band which toured the Northwest and Canada. 
As a vocalist, Jerry had sung with the reputable Pierce Jazz Choir, who had performed at the Hollywood Bowl. But it wasn't until he was on the road that he began to hone his vocal skills by singing back-up and shared lead vocals as the band's drummer. 

Jerry still sits-in on drums and vocals whenever he can. He has played with various jazz, blues, rock, southern-fried rock, and even a ska band. One of Jerry's favorite gigs was playing blues with Richard Gere on guitar, and Julia Roberts on vocals, at the wrap party for PRETTY WOMAN.