Jerry is a successful director with four of his films having screened around the world including the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. With four short films and one feature under his belt, his film "Goombah Goodbye" won Honorable Mention at the OneFest Film Festival.  He also directed two music videos in Los Angeles which are the visual bookends for the multi-media production of the musical A.D.    ​​​       ​                                             

 Director Reel:




As an established writer, published​d poet and author, Jerry has written two feature length screenplays TRUEHEART and LOST SOULS in the sci-fi and horror/thriller genres, as well as four short films which have screened festival-wide around the world.  Jerry is also a spec sitcom writer and has created his own half hour comedy series PEN PALS. 

​As a poet, he is proud to have four of his poems published in various books, and was asked to be a special guest artist at the American Writers Program, (AWP), convention in Los Angeles.

As an author, Jerry is on the final draft of his autobiography which maps out in detail his metaphysical, spiritual, and shamanic journeys spanning nearly three decades. His sojourn has led him to sacred sites across North and South America including Sedona, Tiwanaku in Bolivia, Machu Pichu and Lake Titicaca in Peru (where an ancient Stargate resides), and the Zepotec ruins of St. Albans in Oaxaca Mexico, which predates the Maya. 

Because of his penchant for sitting in on the editing of his projects, Jerry has learned first-hand the art of creative editing. Because he is a natural born storyteller, with a strong creative, thematic, and cinematic eye, Jerry also has a fine attention detail. Jerry understands the editing process from a creative standpoint. As a long-time veteran actor, writer and now director, Jerry knows when a scene, works or doesn't, and if it’s broken, how to fix it. His problem-solving skills and ability to think outside the box creates space to embellish what has already been shot. He believes that editing is the second half of the directing process and that editing has the capability of making or breaking a project. Jerry reveres the editing process almost as much as he does directing principal photography.




Jerry is an award-winning producer with three feature films, 6 short films and two music videos under his belt. Some features include TAMING TAMMY (a twist on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew), UNINVITED (a horror/western starring iconic western actor Jack Elam), and ELVIS, MOZART & ME (a paranormal romantic comedy). Jerry is accustomed to wearing many hats at once including writer, director, producer, set decoration, wardrobe, locations, props, craft service and more. Moving forward he is anxious to focus acting and directing.​